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Barcelona Beckons is my first published adult novel and the sequel, Destination Barrenjoey  will be available soon. 

Final Book Cover Barcelona Beckons.png

Manuel Gonzales returns to Barcelona, the place of his birth after the tragic loss of his wife and two children in a terrible car accident. He finds solace in the company of his sister but he misses the friends he and his family made back in Australia. He still faces the ongoing conflict of wishing to be in two places at once and his life becomes complicated. 

Destination Barrenjoey Book Cover_edited
Manuel Gonzales feels compelled to return to Australia. He misses his friends and has a strong desire to fulfill the dream he shared with his wife to settle on the Barrenjoey Peninsula. His new love, Natalia, is heartbroken and her son Julio has become so attached to Manuel. He also feels deeply obligated to support his sister Margarita. How can he choose where to settle down?
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