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We can all get a little swamped in the busyness of living. That is why I want to encourage you to leave some form of legacy. Perhaps you could do it with words? I would be so happy to help you write your memoir. This could very well be one of your greatest gifts. It's not just a story, when you open yourself up.  It is making a valuable contribution to your loved ones. Through memoir you create a legacy. I want to inspire you to put words onto the page. You will probably be delighted when you go back to all those memorable places. Reliving all those fond memories creates so much joy for you and your readers. When it is all finished, you will feel so proud of your achievement and in being able to leave your children and grandchildren something that is so tangible. Writing  your life story is a wonderfully rewarding experience. There is magic in simple stories from every day people, especially when it is well told. When they come from the heart, great stories always emerge. Helping people to write their life story is an absoluite joy for me. 

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